Brook is ready to chat
about all the ways you manage your diabetes.

What we eat, how much we move, the medications we take, and the sleep we get all have a significant impact on our overall health.

When you need help setting goals, a little advice, or even some words of encouragement to stay on the right path, the Brook Personal Health Companion app is here to help you get and stay healthy.

How will Brook help you?

Diabetes & Hypertension

Learn how daily decisions impact your health and get support to improve your numbers.

Motivation & Accountability

Text with a group of highly-trained experts any day of the week..

Meal Planning

Work with dieticians to find the best meal plan for you. Learn to build delicious, nutritious meals with ease.

Setting & Reaching Goals

Discover what works for you and get support building healthy habits that last.

Daily Activity

Get and stay healthy with activity tracking and programs.

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